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There is a misconception that one cannot get addicted to hallucinogens in Hawaii, Montana, or other states that “supposedly” have less problems with drug addictions than more populated states. Hallucinogens are not quick to cause addiction compared to other prescription drugs like opiates. However, when it occurs, addiction resulting from hallucinogens can have very serious effects. This is because use of hallucinogens causes distortion in what one hears, sees, and feels. Physiological and psychological problems which include addiction syndrome can be caused by chronic use of hallucinogens. 

Hallucinogens fall under a drug class that is hard to define. They alter a person’s perception distorting the ability to differentiate between hallucination and reality. LSD Is the most commonly known hallucinogen. Others include PCP, Psilocybin, Ecstacy, Mescaline, Dextromethorphan, and Ketamine. There are people who argue that some of these drugs are not hallucinogens, but the fact is all of them cause addiction. Hallucinogens disrupt the ability of brain when it comes to production and utilization of serotonin. The work of serotonin is to help in regulating mood, sexual desire and sleeping patterns.

Whether a drug is a true hallucinogen or not the fact is that they disrupt the way senses work and hamper the ability of the brain to function normally. The body responds by making changes within central nervous system to adapt and also mitigate effects resulting from use of these drugs. Over a period of time, the changes that occur become permanent resulting in a situation whereby one cannot function properly when there are no drugs in the system. This condition is referred to as physical dependency. In this case Hawaii drug rehabilitation programs or Montana drug rehabilitation programs are recommended to recover.

Even if mortal dependency and addiction are different there are those people who say that they are synonymous.
Addiction is both a clinical and a neurogical disease. What is used to classify it is a group of certain behaviors and not physical signs and symptoms. This is for the reason that hallucinogens cause stimulation of the brains reward and pleasure center.

Anytime, there is an association with a reward feeling by the brain, it will work to ensure that it actually create that feeling. Continued use of hallucinogens like ecstasy and LSD makes the brain not only remember the pleasure feeling experienced, but it also remembers the environment under which they happened.

This associative process results in building of neurogical pathways in a person’s brain to ensure they are serviced. The primary role of these pathways is to create pleasurable events leading to uncontrollable and severe cravings. The user feels the need to keep on being high all the time. That is when addiction to these types of drugs is born.

Hallucinogens addiction can be compared to addiction to other drugs like cocaine and heroin. It is an addiction that is life threatening. It is hard for people who are addicted to hallucinogenic to find help on their own. They will require the interventions of a family member or a friend. Therefore, if you suspect your friend or family member is addicted to hallucinogens, you should act. You should ensure that they join an addiction treatment center where they will get the necessary professional help to help them quit.

How Safe Are E Cigarettes? ( admin posted on September 4th, 2013 )

Are E Cigs Safe?

The convenient attribute about electronic cigarette is that due to the fact that they discharge smokeless vapor or steam, they are legalized in public arenas, bars and restaurants and any other place that cigarettes are not permitted. In most countries, public smoking is outlawed – a good place to start is an electronic cigarette starter kits review. These places are required to design separate locations for cigarette smokers. The truth is most countries are still divided on whether to legalize electronic cigarettes in public places or not.

With the advent of e-cigarettes (checkout this v2 e cig review), most people have quickly rushed to adapt this new innovation, but do they really understand what they are entering in? The practical case study of the effect of reducing the crave for smoking has not been established and the authenticity of the fact that this innovation can assist smokers quit this habit is only known to these researchers.

With electronic cigarettes quickly infiltrating the market, many countries are still in a dilemma on how to manage smoking. Particularly, the long term ramifications of electronic cigarettes on overal health need to be delved in deeper, although they contain less toxins than the real cigarettes.

Clinical researchers are also peculiar of the possibility of e-cigarettes motivating the increase in consumption of tobacco cigarettes. Because they look trendy and elegant, they can induce the youth to try it out unaware of the effects they present. The BIG question is IF individuals will consume more of the electronic cigarettes as compared to the tobacco cigarettes because they highly believe that they pose no danger (see the smoke free electronic cigarette review).

The big hurdle is how to guarantee that electronic cigarettes, largely imported from Asia particularly, China actually contain what they purport. Independent researchers have determined that e-cigarettes, in fact contain different levels of nicotine, notwithstanding using tags assuring a strong or light dose. Due to lack of quality control, there is risk of wrong information from manufactures of the quality of flavorings added to the e-cigarettes.

Many scientific studies have outlined all the dangers of smoking. But they all come down to the fact that smoking exterminates. So despite the huge publicity of e-cigarette, the migration from the tradition cigarette may not be ideal. But considering the grave effects of the tobacco smoking, the best bet is electronic cigarettes. For those who want to try this new prospect, you are advised to first do a thorough research before engaging. Have a smoky week.

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